Unreal Engine 4 developer

Minimum Skill Requirements:
– C++ programming experience.
– Unreal Engine 4 and how C++ code interacts with it
– Providing clear and legible code.
– Online communication and Team-collaboration skills.
– A passion for coding and a dedication to creating AAA quality games.
– At least 1 Unreal Engine project (using C++) prepared to show prior to the interview.

Optional Skill Requirements:
– Blueprint scripting experience


Required Software:
– Unreal Engine 4

Unity3D developer

We are looking for experienced Unity3D developer to work in a team on cross-platform mobile game projects.

Experience as a programmer 3 years;
Experience developing applications with Unity and C# 1 year;
Knowledge of C++ (standards C11 and/or C14);
Experience working with arrays of bytes (binary, memory in C++);
Fluency in C#;
Ability to work with version control systems;
Confident knowledge of the OOP;

Much appreciated:
Knowledge of patterns
Experience with multithreading
Experience using OpenGL
Skills compiling for Android and iOS
Experience cross-platform debug
A good understanding of trigonometry
Knowledge of device 3D engines, construction mesh

Developing with Unity3D 5
The development of the physics of the destruction of fluids
Optimization of the mesh
Development of efficient data storage format and transmission over the network.
Development of specific Shader
The development of a system for changing the lighting, day/night, weather
Development editor for the engine, with the possibility of “construction” of buildings, environments, objects
Developing client part of the game
Development of the systems of character control
Development of interfaces
Implementation of game logic-based game design

Convenient flexible schedule
No dress code and bureaucracy
Remote work
Payment – the percentage of income from the project